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Founding Story

My Tree-Athlete Mission

I am Flix and my mission is to live with nature rather than just living from its resources. Therefore, I pursue a “give and take” relationship with the natural environment and try to keep my ecological footprint as minimal as possible. For this reason I developed the idea of a Tree-Athlete lifestyle which allows me to make an active contribution to a healthy environment without putting any burdens on me. This lifestyle is derived from a regular triathlon. A Tree-Athlon has 3 disciplines as well (why these 3 disciplines?):

  1. Low impact transportation
  2. Active and sustainable lifestyle
  3. Planting trees

As in a regular triathlon, you can make up for your shortcomings in the first two disciplines with a good effort in the third discipline. A good Tree-Athlete, however, is particularly good in all 3 disciplines.

With this lifestyle I don’t want to point my finger at others and generally judge driving, flying, consuming animal products, etc. – because nobody is perfect – but everyone can do their best. Therefore, with the Tree Athlete idea, I want to show that everyone can lead a fulfilling life without leaving a negative ecological footprint.

In order to achieve this goal – to be a good Tree-Athlete – I decided to link running with a contribution to the environment. I donate a tree for every 100km I run. I do not only do something good, but I also have the wonderful feeling of being able to give something back to nature.

Do good. Feel good. Be a Tree-Athlete.

Give back to Nature