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1st Discipline

Low Impact Transportation

We live in a time, where we do not necessarily need motorised transport to get from A to B. We all have 2 legs and public transportation is another good choice.

All motorised transport causes greenhouse gas (GHG – CO2 equivalent) emissions. Obviously we cannot walk, run or cycle everywhere but the Tree-Athlete concept demonstrates that we can all make a step forward in terms of environmentally friendly transportation. The first step in this process is to understand which of our actions and movements have the greatest impact:

Chart by Visualizer

These figures show that we have a great potential to reduce our ecological impact just by our personal choice of transportation. Besides long-distance holiday travels, particularly our daily travels like the way to work or to get groceries have a significant impact on our personal ecological footprint.

2nd Discipline

Active & Sustainable Lifestyle

An active and sustainable lifestyle integrates physical activities into everyday routines, such as walking to the grocery store or cycling to work. In addition such a way of living attempts to reduce the consumption of the Earth’s natural resources and personal resources. This includes reducing the ecological footprint by altering methods of transportation, diet and consumption.

Multiple personal choice factors determine the impact we have on our health and the environment. It is very difficult and most of us don’t want to eliminate all impact factors and turn their lives upside down. Nevertheless everybody has a responsibility and we all should focus on the things that make a big difference and which we can integrate into our lives.


3rd Discipline

Plant Trees

Trees are essential for us humans, wildlife and the entire environment. They clean the air we breath and fresh water sources and provide the habitat to over 80% of the world’s terrestrial biodiversity.

Unfortunately we lose around 30 million ha of forest every year due to anthroposophical and climate changes. This is a scale equivalent to the landmass of Great Britain and Ireland together. 

To save Planet A we need to restore these losses partially caused by us. Further, a study by the ETH Zurich underpinned, that “the restoration of trees remains among the most effective strategies for climate change mitigation” and they emphasise “the urgent need for action”.

Give back to Mother Earth

Was uns unterscheidet?

Du willst genau wissen, was mit deiner Spende passiert?

Bei uns kannst du selbst aktiv werden und deine gespendeten Bäume mit deinen eigenen Händen pflanzen.

Tree-Athlete ist mehr als eine von vielen Baumpflanzorganisationen. Uns bewegt es im Alltag, immer den nächsten Schritt zu gehen, der unseren ökologischen Fußabdruck reduziert und uns zusätzlich Lebensfreude bringt. 

Du bist herzlich eingeladen, dich unserer Tree-Athlete Bewegung anzuschließen und mit Freude und Energie gemeinsam der Natur etwas zurückzugeben.

Unser letztes Aufbäumen
Agroforst-Projekt im Allgäu (31.03.22 - 03.04.22)

Gemeinsam haben wir 117 Walnussbäume, 83 Haselnüsse, 64 Esskastanien und 400 Pappeln im Allgäu gepflanzt.