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Minimalistic running shoes

Altra Running

WHO: Altra Running

WHAT: Altra makes shoes to help you move better in a more naturally way by providing a Footshape desing and Balanced Cushioning platform.

HOW: Altra was born with a precise idea: help people move better and more naturally. What we do differently? We design our shoes around human nature (and anatomy) not the other way around.

This means every Altra shoe features a Footshape™ toebox that is not necessarily wide but rather shaped like a natural foot in a sock. In addition, all Altras feature a cushioned Balanced Cushioning™ platform that places the heel and forefoot at the same distance from the ground and keeps the weight balance equal heel to toe to enable more natural walking and running technique.
Lastly, Earth is our racecourse. Our trail. Ours to explore. It’s where we live, breathe, run and move. That’s why by 2030, we’re committed to making 100% of our materials regenerative, responsibly sourced, renewable or recycled. In addition, we will reach a 30% reduction in our CO2 emissions based on a 2018 baseline.

Check out Altra shoes, if you are looking for  comfortable and natural running experience.

Sustainable Sports Fabrics


WHO: Re-Athlete

WHAT: Re-Athlete makes sport fabrics from recycled fishing nets and other nylon waste collected from the ocean and industry.

HOW: Every year up to 13 million tonnes of plastic waste and about 1,250 km of abandoned fishing nets end up in the oceans. Re-Athlete aims to oppose these trends by their sustainable approach to sport fabrics. They donate 1 % of their turnovers to the organisation Healthy Seas that cleans the sea from abandoned fishing nets and for every purchased Tree-Athlete Tee they donate one tree to the Tree-Athlete initiative.

Besides Re-Athlete´s support for animal welfare and environmental protection, they also show social engagement and make all their products in Germany. Their production line is part of a work therapy method for people with disabilities, to help them to further integrate into the German society.

We proudly cooperate with Re-Athlete for our Tree-Athlete Shirts. Check it out, for every purchased Tree-Athlete item Re-Athlete donates 1 tree to our Tree-Athlete forest.

Climate neutral Print


WHO: dieUmweltDruckerei

What: dieUmweltDruckerei makes sustainable print products on 100 % recycled papers with organic paint.

HOW: dieUmweltDruckerei stands for environmentally friendly production and sustainability. dieUmweltDruckerei uses exclusively 100% recycled paper for the production of their print products. The mineral oil-free colours are vegan and based on vegetable oil. DieUmweltDruckerei production line is run by renewable energy. To ensure climate neutrality, all CO2 emissions which cannot be avoided during the production and shipping process are offset by investments in climate change mitigation projects. In addition, dieUmweltDruckerei keeps the use of additives as low as possible and reduces its waste as much as possible. Further, the UmweltDruckerei are committed to social projects and biodiversity conservation.

We proudly cooperate with dieUmweltdruckerei for our print products such as the annual Tree-Athlete calendars or our Tree-Athlete postcards.

Was uns unterscheidet?

Du willst genau wissen, was mit deiner Spende passiert?

Bei uns kannst du selbst aktiv werden und deine gespendeten Bäume mit deinen eigenen Händen pflanzen.

Tree-Athlete ist mehr als eine von vielen Baumpflanzorganisationen. Uns bewegt es im Alltag, immer den nächsten Schritt zu gehen, der unseren ökologischen Fußabdruck reduziert und uns zusätzlich Lebensfreude bringt. 

Du bist herzlich eingeladen, dich unserer Tree-Athlete Bewegung anzuschließen und mit Freude und Energie gemeinsam der Natur etwas zurückzugeben.

Unser letztes Aufbäumen
Agroforst-Projekt im Allgäu (31.03.22 - 03.04.22)

Gemeinsam haben wir 117 Walnussbäume, 83 Haselnüsse, 64 Esskastanien und 400 Pappeln im Allgäu gepflanzt.