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Tree-Athlete - What?

We plant Trees differently!?!

You have probably come across many tree planting initiatives lately - trees have become a business. But it takes a little more than just donating a tree ...

We guarantee, we only plant climate-adapted tree species in Germany with the aim of stabilising natural eco systems and biodiversity conservation.

... to assure a positive long-term impact on the climate and save Planet A.

Tree-Athlete - How?

Let's save Planet A together

For this ambitous goal we need a hell of a lot of trees. Show you care and do your share...

Donate some of the urgently needed trees
Join the movement as an active member and have a continuous positive impact.
As a member link one activity, that you enjoy, to a number of trees you want to contribute for saving Planet A - to grow your Personal Activity Forest*.

Contribute ->

* The total number of trees donated by you over time

Tree-Athlete - Why?

Compensation is not enough

We need action to keep the climate change within the 1.5 degree margin. For this compensation when we have caused environmental damage is not enough.

With the Tree-Athlete movement we follow the principle:

Do good. Feel good. Be a Tree-Athlete.

With a Tree-Athlete lifestyle we do not only compensate, we integrate giving back to nature into our lives.

Tree-Athlete - WHO?

We all are responsible for the planet we live on

One of the causes for the current condition of the planet is that we often only think about our individual needs and neglect our individual responsibilities.

Therefore, Tree-Athlete e.V. as a Non-Profit Organisation encourages people to pursue an active and sustainable lifestyle and give back to nature.

Life is a game of give and take and it depends on every individual of us - regardless of the type of your contribution - it does make a difference!

About Tree-Athlete Founder Flix

I have a tent & two feet and I eat plants. That's all I need.

Do want to become part of the Tree-Athlete movement?

Sport Tree-Athletes

from 1 Tree

Connect a physical activity you enjoy with donating trees. This way you boost your personal well-being and at the conserve nature.

For 5 € we plant one Tree.

Ine - 1 tree for 10 km walking
Ine - 1 tree for 10 km walkingSport Tree-Athlete
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Tree-Athlete encouraged me to be more active and eat more vegetables. I am doing this for myself, because my body benefits from it and I’m happier. In my first year as Tree-Athlete I lost more than 12 kg. I am very happy and my doctor, too ;).
Do it like Ine

Caring Tree-Athletes

from 1 Tree
/ month

A monthly tree donation protects the environment & climate. It depends on all of us to save Planet A.

For 5 € we plant one Tree.

What makes us different?
Heiko - 1 tree for every family member (4) per month
Heiko - 1 tree for every family member (4) per monthCaring Tree-Athlete
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I want that my children can enjoy the unique beauty of nature and later their children as well. It feels good to make a small contribution through Tree-Athlete e.V.
Do it like Heiko

Tree-Athletes for the good Conscience

from 1 Baum
no payment subscription

Nature benefits from every climate-adjusted tree and with every additional donation we can plant more trees. 

For 5 € we plant one Tree.

What makes us different?
ThomasTree-Athlete for the good conscience
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It gives me so much joy to be outdoors in nature. The forest and the mountains, this is what I live for. Despite my efforts to keep my ecological footprint low, I am quite concerned about our impact on the environment. This is why my tree donations are a way to deal with my bad conscience, but at the same time I help protecting the environment with like-minded people.
Do it like Thomas
Do want to become part of the Tree-Athlete movement now?
The number of trees donated to the Tree-Athlete Forest

Tree Counter

All Trees will be planted during the annual Tree-Athlete Planting Camps. The next tree planting location is yet to be confirmed.

Wie kommt diese Zahl zu stande?

Humans have utilised natural environments for centuries and have significantly changed its nature. These anthropogenic changes in combination with climate change and its consequences like more favourable conditions for the bark beetle have resulted in significant losses of trees in Germany and worldwide. 

Therefore we urgently need to take measures that support the rehabilitation process of those tree dependent ecosystems.

Find out how you can give back to Nature

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Was uns unterscheidet?

Du willst genau wissen, was mit deiner Spende passiert?

Bei uns kannst du selbst aktiv werden und deine gespendeten Bäume mit deinen eigenen Händen pflanzen.

Tree-Athlete ist mehr als eine von vielen Baumpflanzorganisationen. Uns bewegt es im Alltag, immer den nächsten Schritt zu gehen, der unseren ökologischen Fußabdruck reduziert und uns zusätzlich Lebensfreude bringt. 

Du bist herzlich eingeladen, dich unserer Tree-Athlete Bewegung anzuschließen und mit Freude und Energie gemeinsam der Natur etwas zurückzugeben.

Unser letztes Aufbäumen
Agroforst-Projekt im Allgäu (31.03.22 - 03.04.22)

Gemeinsam haben wir 117 Walnussbäume, 83 Haselnüsse, 64 Esskastanien und 400 Pappeln im Allgäu gepflanzt.