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3rd Discipline

Give Back & Plant Trees

I will physically plant one native tree for every 100 kms I run, because trees are essential for us humans, wildlife and the entire environment.

3 main benefits from trees:

In spite of these benefits around 30 million ha of forest are lost every year. This is a scale equivalent to the landmass of Great Britain and Ireland together.

This shows how our give & take relationship with nature is completely out of balance and I feel now it is time to GIVE BACK. My desire with the Tree-Athlete initiative is to demonstrate to live happy, healthy and sustainable but also to raise funds for at least the number of trees I will plant. I would be extremely grateful if you also feel we should give something back to Mother Earth and donate some trees. And if you don’t want to donate trees you can also get directly involved in one of the Bergwaldprojekt’s tree planting initiatives – the Neihaufeschte – and plant the trees yourself.

Give back to Mother Earth

A donation of 5,50 € plants one native Tree to increase biodiversity and stabilise the forest ecosystem in the region of the Harz in Lower Saxony.

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