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about me

I Do It

My mission is to live with nature rather than just living from nature and exploiting its resources. Therefore, I pursue a „give and take“ relationship with Mother Earth and try to keep my ecological footprint as minimal as possible. For this reason I developed the idea of a Tree-Athlete lifestyle which allows me to explore many new fascinating places and cultures, stay healthy, fit while at the same time contributing to stabilising essential natural ecosystems.

With this lifestyle I don’t want to point at others and tell them not to fly and drive, eat animal products and so forth because nobody is perfect but everybody can do his or her best. Thus, the concept of Tree-Athlete aims to raise some awareness that everybody can live a satisfactory lifestyle and give something back to Mother Earth.

Just like in a general triathlon in a tree-athlon everybody can compensate some deficits in the first two disciplines by a decent tree planting contribution

Give back to Mother Earth