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2nd Discipline

Active & Natural Lifestyle

I simply try to explore, meet people and learn about nature and cultures by running through cities, woods, on beaches and over mountains and live with and from nature as much as I can.

Three factors that have one of the biggest impacts on the environment and I can easily integrate into a fulfilling, exciting and satisfactory lifestyle are a plant-based and mostly regional diet, avoiding flights and living car-free.

To put these emissions in context, per capita GHG emissions should not exceed 2.1 tonnes annually by the year 2050 – if the goal of limiting the global temperature increase to well below two degrees Celsius is to be achieved.

Multiple personal choice factors determine the impact we have on the environment and climate. It is very difficult and most of us don’t want to eliminate all impact factors and turn their lives upside down, but everybody has a responsibility and we all should focus on the things that make a big difference and which we can integrate into our lifestyles.

Give back to Mother Earth