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1st Discipline

Low Impact Transportation

I try to use my feet and ride my bike most of the times to get from A to B…

… because all motorised transport causes greenhouse gas (GHG – CO2 equivalent) emissions. However, I am also aware that not everyone can walk, run or cycle everywhere but I would like to highlight with the Tree-Athlete concept that we can all make a step forward in terms of active & healthy and environmentally friendly living. The first step in this process is to understand which of our actions and movements have the greatest impact:

These figures show that we have a great potential to reduce our ecological impact just by our personal choice of transportation. Besides long-distance holiday travels, particularly our daily travels like the way to work or to get groceries have a significant impact on our personal ecological footprint.

The tree-athlete lifestyle aims to demonstrate to move around more environmentally friendly without restricting yourself. For me personally I always try to follow the German saying “Der Weg ist das Ziel” (The Route is the Goal). Environmentally friendly transportation types like walking or riding your bike make you fit and connect you with nature and with like-minded people. It is no secret that an active, natural and balanced lifestyle has a positive effect on the quality of life and consequently also on the quality of the life of Mother Earth.

Give back to Mother Earth