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slide1 Tree-Athlete 3 Disciplines
to Give Back
to Mother Earth
Join a sensible lifestyle to become a contributor rather than a destructor of natural eco-systems. The 3 disciplines
slide1 Take Action Low
Be a Tree-Athlete and consider using low impact transportation to your desired destination. In other words use your feet. 2nd discipline
Take Action Active &
Be active and make your own enriching experiences. 3rd Discipline
Take Action Give Back
& Plant
The principle is to take from but also to give back to nature. Planting trees is the easiest way to contribute to healthy natural eco-systems. I do it!
6 days ago

Get out in nature, live with nature, give back to nature.

Sunday/Monday #longrun from #coasttocoast Vejle to Esberg.


1) Low Impact Transportation

I try to use my feet and ride my bike most of the times to get from A to B…

2) Active & Natural Lifestyle

I simply try to explore, meet people and learn about nature and cultures by running through cities, woods, on beaches and over mountains and live with and from nature as much as I can.

3) Plant Trees

I will physically plant one native tree for every 100 kms I run, because trees are essential for us humans, wildlife and the entire environment.
About me

I have a tent & two feet and I eat plants. That's all I need.

The number of trees donated

3rd Discipline: Tree Counter

I will plant the trees in cooperation with the Bergwaldprojekt e. V. in the region of the Harz in Lower Saxony, Germany .


Due to various anthropogenic, climate and environmental changes the region has lost about 1500 hectares of forest. To stop this development the Bergwaldprojekt with its reforestation initiative plants 2500 native trees per hectare. So we need a lot more trees and I would be very grateful for any tree donation. On behalf of the wildlife and environment I thank you for your contribution.

Find out how you can give back to Mother Earth and keep track of my own Tree-Athlete Journey.

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