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Tree-Athlete - What?

Be active for your Personal Activity Forest

Tree-Athlete e.V. is a Non-Profit Organisation that encourages people to pursue an active and natural lifestyle and actively give back to nature.

Our Tree-Athletes link one activity, that enhances their quality of life, to a number of trees they want to give back to nature - to grow their Personal Activity Forest.

Tree-Athlete - How?

A simple way to preserve nature

Join the movement as an active member and have a continuous positive impact or by simply showing your respect for nature with a tree donation for the Tree-Athlete e.V.

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Tree-Athlete - Why?

Compensation is not enough

We tend to compensate when we have caused environmental damage or we reward ourselves with unhealthy and unnecessary things when we have accomplished something.

With the Tree-Athlete movement we follow the principle:

Do good. Feel good. Be a Tree-Athlete.

We reward ourselves for positive activities with giving back to nature and its feeling.

Tree-Athlete - WHO?

We all are responsible for the planet we live on

One of the causes for the current condition of the planet is that we often only think about our individual needs and neglect our individual responsibilities.

Life is a game of give and take and it depends on every individual of us - regardless of the type of your contribution - it does make a difference!

About Tree-Athlete Flix

I have a tent & two feet and I eat plants. That's all I need.

The number of trees donated to the Tree-Athlete Forest

Tree Counter

All Trees will be planted during the annual Tree-Athlete Planting Camps in the region of the Harz in Lower Saxony, Germany .


Due to various anthropogenic, climate and environmental changes the region has lost about 10% of its forest.

We plant all donated trees in the Harz region to help the forest to rehabilitate.

So we need a lot more trees and we would be very grateful for any contribution.

Find out how you can give back to Nature

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